Hey, I’m Brady. I enjoy solving interesting problems and creating things with cool tech. I enjoy exploring the depths of the internet and breaking/making stuff along the way. (An Internet Explorer, you could say lol) I have experience as a networking and telecommunications technician, as a Data Analyst creating high level reports, and a bit of military experience. Kind of everywhere, but it brings in a unique perspective.

I love programming and everything that comes along with it. I enjoy the OOP paradigm and most of the languages that are built around it. Specifically, Python, Java/Kotlin and C++. If you understand the paradigm well, learning a new OOP language is more so about learning syntax and the nuances of the language vs starting from scratch, which is a big reason why I like it. I have a love hate relationship with JavaScript, and have made it a goal in 2021 to learn at least one web framework that I can use in my projects. I am starting off with Svelte (I think technically its a compiler), and will most likely make my way to React, given the size of the community. I also would like to learn more about the .NET eco-system, specifically blazor, since web assembly is awesome.

Like I briefly mentioned above, I like making and breaking things and that has led me to have quite a vast general knowledge of different technologies. I am tying to narrow it down a bit this year, so I don't fall into the "Jack of all trades, master of none" trap. I lean towards backend development and dabble in frontend a bit. I enjoy working with Django, Postgres, Redis, API's, and just general System Admin type of work. I also just enjoy working and exploring web technologies in general, and can pick up new stuff pretty quick. I am a learn by example/doing kind of person.

As far as future work goes, as long as the job is interesting or unique, I'm in. Working in a positive and laidback environment is important to me. I value the motivation and attitude of my work environment and co-workers over raw knowledge. If everyone is motivated and working towards a goal, then you can learn and work fast and efficiently, while having fun along the way.

If you read this far and think you would want to work along side me, reach out! Like I said above, I know quite a bit and am a fast learner. I don't see any value in just listing stuff above, beyond what I already have and I think having a conversation about it is much more meaningful and interesting. I can also provide you with a formal resume on request. It has personal info, so I don't really want it public. Anyway, if you just want to say hi and have a convo, that is also cool. You can use the form below, and I will respond via email. You can also reach out via the few social media sites I have in the top right. 😀