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Tech Used

HTML, CSS, Jekyll, Ruby, Netlify

More Info

I originally had very ambitious plans for my personal website. I was going to use Django or a similar framework and make a sick CMS with all the bells and whistles. The more I sat on it, the more I realized there wasn’t much of a point for such a heavy and complex site. I then came acrossTiny Projects on hn, and really enjoyed the “back to basics” approach. I decided I was just going to use plain HTML and CSS, not even tailwindcss. I did want a little more functionality than just plain HTML, so I looked into static site generators. I picked Jekyll because of the maturity of it, and the selection of plugins. I even made acustom theme (be aware that it is a big WIP).

My last realization was that I am not trying to be a front-end developer, so I really don’t need to show off my front-end design skills (or lack thereof). It can still do quite a lot, in terms of utility, and it does’t look that bad…Right?